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This email is addressed to all Elegantt users around the world.

What a path it's been! In 2015, when we decided to launch Elegantt, we imagined it as a side-project for an internal need we had in the team.

Across the years, our product helped hundred of thousands people to get better organized in Trello. Today, it's with sadness that we have to announce the end of Elegantt.

You will no longer be able to use it from the 31th of December 2023 and no plan will be charged afterwards.

The best alternative to Elegantt

Since a few years, Trello developed its own planning tool (available in the premium version) including a powerful Timeline feature. You should definitely try it!

Leave Elegantt in 2 simple steps:

If you have a paid plan, we strongly recommend you to download all your data, here is how to it:

Please, once you collected your data, delete your account here:

After December 31th 2023, all your projects and personal data will be deleted from our database.

From the entire Elegantt team, we deeply appreciate your trust and continued use of our product all over the years. Best wishes for your projects in the future!

If you have any issues, please reach us at [email protected]

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