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What are teams and slots?
What are teams and slots?
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Elegantt offers the option to create boards and to build teams, which can access one or various boards. A team is composed of team members, and one team owner (admin).
If you want to benefit from PRO features, note that we call "slot" a subscription, so you will need one by user/owner in the team.

Should I use a team for my project?

If you want to benefit from Elegantt PRO features, your board needs to be part of a team. To check this, go to and check that your plan is linked to the team you want:

How can I create a team?

To create a new Trello team, click the « + » button at the right hand side of your Trello header. Detailed information here:

How can I add team members or use slots?

Only the team owner add or accept team members.
Also, he's the one who can subscribe to PRO. We call "slot" a subscription, and you need one "slot" per team member and team owner. For example, if you have 2 team members (including yourself as a team owner), you'll need to get 2 slots.
More information about adding team members here:

Can I use multiple teams for my company?

You can’t subscribe for multiple teams. In other words, if your organization needs various teams to use Elegantt, you will need to create various teams, with one owner per team. 

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