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How to associate a board with a Trello team?
How to associate a board with a Trello team?

Discover how to link a board to a Trello team

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Elegantt PRO is available for the Trello Team you chose, which means you'll be able to use Elegantt PRO on that same team's boards.

To associate a board with a team, follow these steps:

  • Next to the board's name click the board's current visibility setting.

  • From the Change Visibility menu that is opened select "Team".

  • From the drop down menu select your team.

  • Click "Change" to save your change.

If you associated the PRO plan or PRO free trial to the wrong board...

If a Trello board is not from the Team you registered to Elegantt PRO with, you will have the free Elegantt version. 

In order to change the Trello team linked to your Elegantt account, you need to go in the plan section: You'll then be able to choose the Trello team you want to link the PRO plan with:

More information on the Trello teams

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