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How to use Deadlines Trello Power-Up?
How to use Deadlines Trello Power-Up?
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Deadlines Power-up allows you to visualize your Trello board's due dates at a single glance so that you and your team never miss a deadline again.

It reveals the big picture with an instant overview of all your due dates sorted by priority. This makes it easy to develop a sense of urgency and adjust efforts accordingly.

Using Deadlines is very simple. Follow these steps to

  1. Set native Trello due dates to add them on the priority chart.

2. Estimate health of your board by visualizing each card automatically sorted by priority and sized depending on the distance between the current day and the due date.

3. List teammates and labels colors next to each card.

4. Get the timing information with a simple roll-over : "1 day late" before deadline is met etc.

5. Mark one or several tasks as "Done" from the context of the chart.

Updates are automatically synced with each corresponding Trello card, by imitating the exact same action below.

Deadlines Power-up is provided to you for Free forever. To display a Gantt chart beside this Power-Up and increase your productivity, join +100K happy users by installing our Chrome Extension at

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