Selecting your preferred date format

You can choose your preferred date format among the following ones:

  • mm/dd/yyyy

  • dd/mm/yyyy

  • yyyy-mm-dd

Selecting the non-working days (weekends)

You can choose your weekend format among the following ones:

  • Thursday - Friday;

  • Friday - Saturday;

  • Saturday - Sunday;

  • Sunday - Monday.

The date format will automatically be updated in the Elegantt interface.

Displaying and counting only the working days

You can choose to display (or not) the weekend in the Gantt chart. For this, activate the "On" button for "Display Weekend".

Then, activating the "Deducted Weekend" button will enable you to see how much working days you need to complete your card: weekends are not taken into account.

In the example below, 17th and 18th are weekends.
When "Deducted Weekend" is off, Task1 is a 5-day work and Task2 is a 7-day work.

When "Deducted Weekend" is on, Task1 is a 3-day work and Task2 is a 5-day work.

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