The Pro account is per Trello team. All the PRO features are automatically available on all the boards of the team you chose when you registered for the trial.

Elegantt PRO is available for the Trello Team you chose which means you'll be able to use Elegantt PRO on that same team's boards.

If a Trello Board is not from the Team you registered to Elegantt PRO with, then you will have the free Elegantt version.

With Elegantt PRO, you only pay for active users. When members of your team become inactive, we’ll automatically credit your account. You can access your account at any time to see how many members of your team are actively using Elegantt.

That way, you don’t pay for the members of your Trello organization that aren’t using Elegantt.

And if someone you’ve already paid for becomes inactive, we’ll even add a pro-rated credit to your account balance.

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